Oct. 25, 2020

Episode 9: How to Use Tarot To Get Clarity and Activate Your Intuition

Episode 9: How to Use Tarot To Get Clarity and Activate Your Intuition
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This is about you and your intuition.

 We all have the gift of intuition, but we don’t use that sense as much as we use the others like your sense of smell or hearing – you get the idea. But just like your other senses, your intuition can be developed and strengthened so that you are more in tune with yourself, your ideas, your goals, and your commitments.

Tarot is just a tool. It is a way of giving you clarity and focus and it can help you trigger and activate your intuition.

It is also a way of getting the answers that you are seeking. 

In this podcast, I show you how you can use Tarot Cards to get answers, find comfort and encouragement, and perhaps start to see your situation from a new perspective.

I love these cards and use them all the time! They help me to center and to get more clarity about life and who I am.

I hope you get as much inspiration and hope from them as I have. Let me know!






  • Shifting negative self-talk to self-compassion, from fear to possibility. It is a call to faith. 

The affirmation:

  • With a gentle voice I tell myself that I will be okay, that I am okay, and that any fear is merely false evidence appearing as real. I forgive myself because I know that I am a human trying the best I can and I need only call on Spirit to remember that I can and will do better as new possibilities begin to gather on my horizon.