May 5, 2022

Episode 41: The Truth About Faith, God And The Universe

Episode 41: The Truth About Faith, God And The Universe
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One of the secret ingredients to effective manifestation is having faith in a higher power.  And what's interesting is that this higher power is different for everyone.

The key is connection, faith, and trust.

That is why my higher power is a woman. She is a mom. She loves me unconditionally and wants the best for me.  Similar to my own experiences as a mom, I know it makes her sad when I don’t believe in myself and when I hold myself back.  She always wants me to go after my dreams because she personally knows my talents and potential.  She is always willing to help me - no matter what.  

When I take steps towards my purpose, she opens more doors for me - while still letting me fail and learn from experiences along the way so that I am ready for the next steps.

My Heavenly Mother is the higher power that I can trust and believe in, and she has made manifestation work for me in ways I never imagined. I'm grateful to share her with you today.


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