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Gina you are such a genuine positive light that shares powerful perspectives on business, challenges and growth. I’m loving your show , thank you!!

Incredibly inspiring

I have listened to 2 podcasts so far and I’m hooked on Gina’s contagious positivity and belief that we can do whatever we set our energy and focus on. I have reached many career goals as a Registered Nurse for almost 40 years. I’m in my 6th decade trying to reframe my future and my creative nature so that I may transition out of my current role as a hospice nurse. Gina’s insight and wisdom is valuable for women at any stage of life! I’m looking forward to more listening g and pondering! Thank you Gina!!


I love this! So excited for you. I really enjoyed this and I need you in my life, Gina! I feel like an imposter too! Thanks for all your advice and I LOVED the “put all your negativity in a box in the closet!!”


Ahhhh I am obsessed already. Finally someone who can teach me how to make money as an influencer while also finding fun and joy in the process! Seriously so stoked about this podcast already!