Your Today Story with Gina Kershaw

Your Today Story with Gina Kershaw

Gina Kershaw, JD, MBA, is a manifestation coach and morning routine expert specializing in helping mom entrepreneurs. She has mentored hundreds of women and particularly loves helping women build successful online businesses. This podcast talks about manifestation, empowers women to find their purpose, shows them how to have a positive impact for good, and encourages them to design a dream life on their own terms.

Recent Episodes

Episode 35: How to Start Showing Up For Yourself

Dec. 1, 2021

You are a multi-tasking dynamo taking care of work, family, dinner, your broke college student, the dog's excessive paw-licking, the science project due tomorrow... You do it all. You are always showing up and being respon…

Episode 34: The Mind/Body Connection That Your Manifestation Might Be Missing

Nov. 18, 2021

If you have seen small manifestations work in your life, but you haven't been able to manifest big, life-changing things, there is an essential step that you may be missing . In this podcast you will discover: A critical ste…

Episode 33: Everything is a Blessing

Nov. 5, 2021

The foundation of manifestation is the idea that God or Divine Intelligence has a beautiful plan for you and that everything is happening for you and for your benefit. Gabby Bernstein has said that " the Universe has your ba…

Episode 32: What to Expect When You're Manifesting

Oct. 20, 2021

In this podcast, we talk about the law of attraction and why you may feel like it is not real , or why it may not be working for you the way you hoped. There is one huge mistake that many people make when trying to manifest …

Episode 31: Subliminal Messaging and How to Use It

Oct. 15, 2021

This week we talk about subliminal messaging - yes, the kind you remember hearing about when you were a teenager and the adults told you to stop listening to Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin - those subliminals. The reason …

Episode 30: Things I Learned From Jen Sincero

Sept. 29, 2021

SHOW NOTES: In honor of the 30th episode, I thought I would share a few things that got me to where I am in my life right now – and who started it all. I still can't believe that I just recently learned about manifestation. …