Feb. 13, 2022

Episode 38: Your Childhood Programming

Episode 38: Your Childhood Programming

In this podcast, I talk about programming and how each of us is programmed from an early age to believe the things our caregivers and other influential people believe.

This is about examining and questioning the beliefs you have and thinking about where those beliefs came from and whether those beliefs still serve a higher good in your life and in your own personal development.

I share my journey of the programming I experienced from religion and how I lived most of my life believing that I was unworthy and that I had to prove my goodness to everyone around me. I share how I was taught that questioning was bad and that if I questioned my spiritual leaders that it would cause a terrible break down of faith and spirituality - when, in fact, my fear of questioning is what kept me inside a box that was designed to hold me back and keep me in conformity.

As I have taught and mentored the women in my programs I have been surprised that many women do not even know what they want in life.  I think this is because of programming.

This episode will get you thinking about why you don't know what you want, and why you don't know your purpose in life or how to be happy. And hopefully it will get you to question some of the beliefs you currently have that may be keeping the "real you" from showing up.

xo Gina

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