July 11, 2022

Episode 45: Emotional Trigger Elimination Techniques

Episode 45: Emotional Trigger Elimination Techniques

This episode is about triggers. Not the triggers that occur from trauma or PTSD, but the triggers that happen when someone says something that hurts our feelings, a crazy driver cuts us off on the road, or our spouse says just the "right thing" that he/she knows will hurt... those triggers.

These kinds of triggers hit us immediately like a gut punch - we literally feel them physically before we even realize that we have made that statement or situation "mean something" in our minds. It happens so quickly that sometimes we don't even have time to consciously think before we feel broken, lash out or do something else that we may later regret.

If that has ever happened to you (admit it... we have all been triggered), then this podcast is for you today.  I'm going to share a 4-step process I learned from one of my mentors, Jim Fortin, that will help you to defuse the situation before it takes complete hold of you.

I LOVE this process and use it often. I know it will help you too!

If this podcast helped you in any way, please share it with someone you love. Sometimes we suffer in silence, and it doesn't have to be that way!


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