April 13, 2022

Episode 40: The Power of Possibility

Episode 40: The Power of Possibility
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When inspiration hits, it’s magical.  💫

You suspect that the idea or suggestion did not come from your own mind, but from another consciousness.  You may think of it as inspiration from the universe or from God, but either way, it’s not your own.  It’s new and different, and yet still obvious in a way that could allow you to think of it as your own if you did not believe in a higher power.  But it is not your own.  It is a gift.  

Everyone who has ever lived has felt inspired at some point in their life.  This is why the picture of the guy with the lightbulb resonates with each of us.  We have had that “aha” moment when things became more clear, where we have been given the answer to a question, or when we have thought of something completely unique and original.

When you believe that this inspiration has come from God, however, there is almost a duty to proceed with what you have been given.  I mean, if God has provided this information to you - has given you this idea… shouldn’t you move forward with faith, relying on him to help you as you try to be worthy of this vision?

And, if you don’t, are you giving away a divine gift that might have led you to success and happiness (or the cure to cancer)?  

And then, this. What if you go all in and the idea fails?

This episode explores what happens when we open space for ideas and opportunities to come - and what to do when you are faced with the unexpected.

I hope it resonates with you - please let me know what you think!


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