Nov. 5, 2021

Episode 33: Everything is a Blessing

Episode 33: Everything is a Blessing

The foundation of manifestation is the idea that God or Divine Intelligence has a beautiful plan for you and that everything is happening for you and for your benefit.  Gabby Bernstein has said that "the Universe has your back," and if you can shift your faith and beliefs to this foundation that everything is rigged in your favor, then you will be ready to manifest everything good that you have ever wanted in your life.

In this episode, I share ways that you can start using this technique to get through simple situations (like having to wait longer than expected in traffic or the grocery store).  It is best to start using this technique in small and simple ways as a start.

I also share some personal experiences where  I have been able to look back years after a difficult experience and see that situation as a moment that pushed me towards a different destiny. So, even though the experiences were hard (and nothing I would ever wish to experience again), I could see with new eyes that the hard thing was actually a blessing for me.

My new mantra is "Everything is a Blessing."

This episode in no way negates a difficult or tragic experience you may currently be going through, it is only a new way of shifting your mindset that may resonate with you right now.

I would love to know what you think - I always respond to emails or comments - I read everything! And if this episode has touched your heart, I hope you will share it!

xo Gina


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