Dec. 1, 2021

Episode 35: How to Start Showing Up For Yourself

Episode 35: How to Start Showing Up For Yourself

You are a multi-tasking dynamo taking care of work, family, dinner, your broke college student, the dog's excessive paw-licking, the science project due tomorrow...  You do it all.  You are always showing up and being responsible for the situations and people in your life.

But when do you show up for yourself? How often can you say that you have shown up for yourself today? 

I believe that we all must find a way to show up for ourselves, our goals, our dreams, and our ideas every. single. day.

But where can you find the time to show up for yourself when most days you feel like life is a whirlwind?

In this podcast, I will share with you a simple secret to showing up. The idea/method was given to me as a gift from the universe, and I want to share it with you.  

In this short podcast, you will learn how to

  • Start showing up for yourself today (and every day).
  • How to utilize a 2-minute method that you can do without fail every day even if you don't wake up early and you have lots of family distractions.
  • Start using this method as a foundation for your manifestation journey.

Give this method a try for 20-30 days and let me know how things are changing for you!! It's so fun for me to hear about all of your successes!


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