March 24, 2020

Episode 5: The 4-Step Exercise to improve ANY relationship.

Episode 5: The 4-Step Exercise to improve ANY relationship.
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As of today, most of us have had at least one week under a stay-at-home order.  To say this has been challenging for most people is an understatement.

The stress and anxiety surrounding our ability to work and pay our bills is something we did not expect. Then, add children (and teens) into the mix and, damn. Having to monitor, teach, entertain, feed, and all the other things have left us feeling very ill-equipped to handle the pressure.

I’ve noticed this stay-at-home order and the uncertainty about the virus has brought out the best and worst in people. I have witnessed kindness and also rage.  And I know that choosing one of these over the other is completely our choice.

Especially with the people we are around every day (like our family).

We are so used to having the people we love have jobs, school, or other things that take them away from the house and use their time. I know it has been hard to have EVERYONE home 24/7 (with no real end in sight).

So today I want to give you a tool to use – not only now, but also in the future when you are having a difficult time liking or being around another person.

In this podcast, I give you a 4-Step Exercise to improve ANY relationship.  It works!!

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xo Gina