Jan. 15, 2022

Episode 36: Why Resolutions Don't Work And What To Do Instead

Episode 36: Why Resolutions Don't Work And What To Do Instead
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Just when we were starting to decompress from the commercialization of December and the holiday season, a new wave of commercialization has hit us square on - and most of us don't even realize it.

It's January. Yep, just January. And we are in the thick of it.

So many expectations, resolutions, goals, planning and new yearly planners (actually I DO love new planners tbh).

This "New Year, New You" slogan seems likes a good thing -but is it?

Or is it just a way to sell more gym memberships, financial planning systems, and get-rich schemes?

How about we turn that nonsense off.

This podcast explores why there is no "new you" and there never will be.

  • There is only one "you," and you do not have to be better.
  • By shifting your perspective, you can have a  better life experience.
  • Learn how the programming of your childhood has created layers that have covered up and distorted the "true you" and how you can start the un-doing.

A few links I mentioned:

Free manifestation guide: https://www.yourtodaystory.com/2022-guide
Free meditations: https://www.ginakershaw.com
Core Values Masterclass: https://www.yourtodaystory.com/values  (Use code PODCAST2022 for 70% off!)