Oct. 20, 2021

Episode 32: What to Expect When You're Manifesting

Episode 32: What to Expect When You're Manifesting
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In this podcast, we talk about the law of attraction and why you may feel like it is not real, or why it may not be working for you the way you hoped.

There is one huge mistake that many people make when trying to manifest their deepest desires into their lives - and that is knowing what to expect.

This podcast explains what you should expect and how to mentally prepare for what comes next so that you can start experiencing the results you want.

Imagine what you could accomplish when you manifest knowing what you will need to do next. It can be life-changing!



Here are some links I shared:

  • Reach out with your biggest aha moment to yourtodaystory@gmail.com.
  • Message me on Instagram @ginakershaw.
  • Gina's Website: https://www.ginakershaw.com