Feb. 26, 2020

Episode 3: Finding Your Purpose

Episode 3: Finding Your Purpose
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I have talked with a lot of women that seem to be searching for their purpose in life.  They search for it in school, in work, in careers, at church, and in family, but for many of these women, they don’t think their purpose has ever revealed itself in the way that they think it should. 

They look around and everyone else seems to have figured it all out. So they worry that they’re not enough.

And they wonder when (or if) their specific purpose will finally be presented to them.  

In the meantime, they believe that if they do not discover their purpose, they won't be able to find that perfect career or mate, build that orphanage, cure cancer, or ever define their life with some benevolent purpose they were always meant to fulfill.

You may have had some of the same thoughts.  You may have thought that when you found that “one thing” everything would finally make sense, your life would fall neatly into place, and you would be happy.

In this podcast, I debunk those expectations and show you the real secret to finding your purpose.

Thanks for listening!