Sept. 22, 2021

Episode 29: I've Never Done That Before

Episode 29: I've Never Done That Before
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In this podcast we talk about why you may not be creating the results you want – or why you have not progressed in your life as much as you always hoped for. 

If you’ve found yourself saying “I can’t do that because I have never done it before,” then this episode is going to help you make a massive mindset shift!

The belief that your past defines your future will hold you back faster than anything else can. But, the truth is that everything you desire is available to you if you can shift this one mindset trap, and eliminate those words from your vocabulary.  

Every time you try something new or do something differently than you did before, you create a new YOU because when you learn something new, you are never the same person again. You are growing, you are progressing, you are on your way to a beautiful and successful future.

In this podcast, you will learn how to get rid of those negative thoughts for good!



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