April 20, 2021

Episode 19: Is Your Starting Point Making Your Journey Harder?

Episode 19: Is Your Starting Point Making Your Journey Harder?

We are designed to want to have every person start at the same starting point. Remember in elementary school when the kids would line up to race?  There was a line that we would all stand on. Then someone would say "GO", everyone would start running towards the finish line, and there would be a winner.

It's the same in races everywhere - even the Olympics. And if someone starts before they are supposed to, they could be disqualified.

But in real life, the starting points are all over the place. Some are way ahead, and some are way behind.

Here's the difference. In life, every person is designed for success. Every person can be the winner.  That is why the starting point doesn’t matter.

If you have been struggling with comparison and feeling like you are always two steps behind everyone else, this podcast is for you.

In this podcast, I will debunk the belief that your starting point is holding you back or keeping you at a disadvantage. You will see that your starting point is exactly where it is supposed to be in order for you to experience the most from your journey. Everything is rigged in your favor!

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