March 30, 2021

Episode 16: Embody The Future Version Of Yourself And Become Her Faster

Episode 16: Embody The Future Version Of Yourself And Become Her Faster
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When you have an idea – They say if you keep taking steps every day – even small steps, that your success is inevitable – It willhappen. It is the moving forward and persistence that guarantees you will ultimately find the success you are looking for.

But as entrepreneurs, we know that this timetable is not always as fast as we want it to be.

I get it because I have been there too.

How do we get slowed down? To put it bluntly, shit gets in the way.

Busy work schedules, transporting kids everywhere, helping with homework – and even teaching for those of you that still have kids out of school and trying to learn at home, dinner to cook, bathtimes, appointments to keep, calls to make, laundry, errands, visits from neighbors, a moment of silence, cars to wash, showers to take… It’s a wonder you get anything done towards your dream at all. If you were able to post on social media today – you know that took prob 20-30 minutes and that should earn you at least one gold star for persistence.

So, things don’t get done very fast, if at all.

What if there was a way to jump-start things a bit?

In this podcast, I share a process (new to me) that shook me up last week. I think it really helped me to gain more definiteness of my purpose – and this week has been completely different in terms of where I am at with my business, what I have been able to do, and my vision of my future.

I haven’t worked harder than beforeI just find that my work is more purposeful and less time-wasting, so more is accomplished.

This tool is called the Dickens Process. Tony Robbins uses it in his Unleash the Power Within Seminars.  Have you heard about this? Have you tried it?

Buckle up! This one is going to be a brain-changer! 💫


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