March 23, 2021

Episode 15: Transform Your Life With A Vision Board

Episode 15: Transform Your Life With A Vision Board
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When you were a teenager, you probably created a collage of things that made you smile – bits and pieces of life - like photos from magazines, cool headlines, concert ticket stubs, a varsity letter, a picture of your ideal love interest, a piece of fabric, anything that had some significance to your life at the time.

You probably glued it all together and then put your masterpiece up on the wall. And every time you looked at it – you had a thought and a feeling. It made you happy, it made you smile, it brought back memories, it motivated you, it inspired you.

I stopped making these boards when my adulting got too serious. And then I didn’t do it again until recently when I learned about the power of these boards.  This podcast will show you why it's important that you have a vision board again!



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