March 1, 2021

Episode 12: ADHD in Women: It's More Common Than You Realize

Episode 12: ADHD in Women: It's More Common Than You Realize
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A few years ago, I was diagnosed with ADHD.  I never realized I had the condition because I was always in a line of work that required uber-focus and had constant high intensity (so it was like a constant dopamine hit). After I changed careers and started doing more desk-work, I noticed my inability to stay on task, focus or complete projects. The few times I had to finish something (like give a presentation at a conference), I was able to pull it together – but only because my ass was on the line and I had a non-negotiable deadline.

In learning more about this condition in women, I found out that many women don’t figure out they have ADHD until later in life. They have some kind of tipping point where they realize something is wrong. If they don’t get medical help, some women just think they are not smart enough, not organized enough, not young enough (really the list can go on forever) …

In this podcast, I talk about my own journey with ADHD and how after I was diagnosed, so many experiences in my life finally made sense.



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